Location: Little Harbor, Jost Van Dyke

Hello again everybody! Today was a pretty eventful day. We woke up to eat some delicious cereal before we went to shore to meet up with the other Lifeworks boat and all of ActionQuest. We were preparing to hike up Sage Mountain on Tortola. After a short briefing from Mike, all 150 of us started our trek up the steep hills of Tortola. The hike was super intense and almost all uphill. All I remember is that my calves were literally on fire.:o The hike up was around an hour or so (depending on everyone’s speed). Once we arrived at the top, we could see a beautiful view of Tortola and some harbors. There was a book up there that we could sign our names in with the number of our arrival. I was number 35 of 15o. I felt pretty accomplished after that, haha. The hike down was a different kind of painful. It was easier to run down the steep hills than walk. When we finally reached the bottom after our almost 2-hour feat, we had until 12:30 to hang out on shore and try a famous “Cheeseburger in Paradise.” It was nice to relax on the beach after an intense morning.   We finally went back to the boats to sail over to Sandy Cay (where we were yesterday) to have a sandcastle building contest with all the boats in the program. Our boat buried Elliot (our staff member) in the sand and built him to have a “Strong Arm,” like his well-known nickname. He turned out looking like Popeye in a Speedo, but we had a fun time with it. We got to hang out on the beach and in the water which was sooo nice. After that, we hopped back on the boats, showered and motored back over to Jost Van Dyke for our beach barbecue. It was a really fun, laid-back day and we all loved it. Thanks, y’all for taking the time to read this blog. We appreciate it and love you all!   Molly White