Location: Jost Van Dyke

Hello, once again families and friends! Miss us? We missed you too today as we set sail once again early in the morning. What started as an early gentle sail to Jost Van Dyke eventually turned into a race with the other life works boat called Moko Jumbie, which we won! We arrived at Jost Van Dyke to spend time with a group of kids who showed us around the island and all its mango trees. We took them out sailing on our catamarans and seeing them all so excited to sail the ocean brought a smile to our faces. With Jamari’s swift sailing, we arrived at Sandy Cay eager to explore the island. After a short hike around the island looking for birds, other wildlife and beautiful views, we played on the beach. We played games like keep away and soccer with the kids, and it was wicked :). After dropping them off back at the island, we got some shore time to shop and even meet the one and only Mr. Foxy, or also known the greatest rhymer in all of Jost Van Dyke! As the sun set on our time in Jost Van Dyke, it also set along the island painting a beautiful rainbow of colors in the sky and clouds reflecting off the clear blue ocean. It was one of a kind view, so not only were we happy because of the sunset but also because we got fresh water showers! As I am writing this through the day keeps getting better and better because Quincey is being such a sweetheart and making us all brownies! I hope these next seven days go by slowly so I can soak in all the great vibes from my amazing shipmates and inspiring captains who I’ve grown to love over the past two weeks.   Good morning, Good afternoon and Goodnight from the paradise known as Catalinaville   Much love, Lauren