Location: Sommer's Beach

Good morning friends and family! I hope you all have had a great day, because Wayne, John-Michael, Brendan, Salome, Avery, Molly, Kenzie, Lindsay, Lauren, Elliot, Quincey, David and I (Delphine Filliat) sure have! First, we awoke to a breakfast already made by our manly cook Wayne, who had prepared us some French toast on normal as well as banana bread. It was delicious! Then, we took the dinghy to the beach where we got to play with children from the Youth Empowerment Program (in the nice and clear beach water of the Caribbean), plant some mangroves (where 70% of the fish spend a significant part of their lives in) and enjoyed a delicious snack! Finally, we got back to the boat, ate grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and were once again underway! We sailed off to a beautiful bay where we were able to see some awesome caves in the dinghies (one of the caves you could hear monsters growling due to the waves!), it was very fun. Finally, we sailed off once more to Summers Beach, where we enjoyed a nice meal with all of Action Quest. We are now all sitting in Catalinaville having just enjoyed some Oreo’s, goldfish and now bananas! Today was honestly a great day, as is every day and we are all so thankful to be here! Thank you all so much for reading this blog, and we love you all very much! We all wish you a great evening, a great day tomorrow, as well as a great life! And have some very sweet dreams.   Delphine F