Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Hi! My name is Melina; I am 16 years old and the skipper for today! Skipper is The job that I’ve been looking forward to most because I really wanted to blog! I’m going to run through a few things today, our day, and my favorite part about all of your children(a.k.a. my lovely and amazing boat mates). Today, we woke up and had a super simple cereal breakfast! Shortly after, we started heading to Julie‘s estate(the person we are helping out). Her estate is so interesting! There are cars everywhere because it used to be a repair yard. Her partner and she now use the land in hopes of making a sustainable farm. People like to call Julie crazy because she has a lot of thoughts in her mind, but I think it’s just so amazing to see someone so determined to help save our earth! We have made immense progress these past two days. Today, we started making tables out of different crates and scrap wood that she had lying around. While some worked on the tables, others dug holes. Digging holes is so hard, but Kris was playing his rap music, so the intensity of the music amplified our skills and made us dig faster. Our best hole digger award definitely goes to Luke. A lot of people like to hang out with the dogs that are all around, especially Olivia and Sadie.

After the workday, we started heading back to the dinghy where we would be picked up. I went on the second shift of the dinghy. While we waited, I taught Lindsey(our counselor/facilitator) and Rory an absolutely amazing dance to 24 Karat Magic by Bruno Mars. We then sailed to our next location, where we would be having a BBQ! Bath time!!!! Bathtime is my FAVORITE part of the day because I swim for an hour and a half and do backflips off the dinghy. By the end of the trip(everyone on this boat knows), I want to find a starfish SO bad. I did not find a starfish. For dinner, we had burgers. Our chefs were Mariana and Emma. Every single night skipper has to ask you a question, and my question was, “What’s one thing you want to accomplish before you die, and what do you think that says about you as a person?”

To my parents – I’m actually barely sunburned, I swear.

Stella- Holy cow! I’ve never seen anyone have more drive and determination than this girl! Stella is so strong physically and mentally when it comes to a job.

Nate- our comic relief on the boat and always has the most interesting topics and views. Constantly keeps us laughing.

Mariana-Best music taste ever! Always helpful and especially nice to all the locals always has fast comebacks to Nate’s craziness. Is going to teach me to salsa but said, “I wasn’t bad.”

Rory- knows every fun fact of the world! I would love to see life through Rory‘s eyes because of the way she views nature and its beauty!

Sophia- up for absolutely any task and constantly asks about the water life.

Olivia- The most beautiful laugh I’ve ever heard, and it’s so cool to see how many books she’s plowing through.

Luke- finds the deeper meaning in life, which I love because I can always throw around hypothetical scenarios.

Natalia- I know I can tell her about anything without her passing judgment

Emma- Number one photographer. Emma is the mom of the group, always carrying around everyone’s sunscreen and cameras in her little backpack.

Sadie- stellar hair braider. Very down to earth, and I love hearing her stories. She seems genuinely interested in mine.

Nicole- an absolute sweetheart. Also, she always laughs at everyone’s jokes and adds to all of our conversations with her thoughts, which are always graceful. Thought she was 16 because she’s so mature.