Location: Cuzco

Footsteps of the Inca departed from the urban section of Cuzco at early dawn. We traveled by van to a mountainous region of the Andes. We hiked up a snow-covered mountain, often in which harsh weather transpired. We wore multiple layers to make our experience compatible with inextricably elevated conditions. As we continued to hike throughout the day, the weather became conveniently warmer. We took many pictures with the group, and enjoyed observing the surroundings of a peculiar, but empowering learning experience. As we trekked up higher altitude, the conditions got moderately cold again. At this point, we were not far from the top of the mountain. It caught the attention of many that the weather was just warm enough for all the snow to melt. It was at this point where the rainbow mountain started to manifest its colors, in an unequivocally notable way. It was noted that many falcons soared through the sky, to establish the dominance of the area. Eventually, the slope of the mountain became less steep. It became much easier to enjoy the diverse colors of the mountain, which was blended with the public attention the area attracted. Group photos became a central fundamental of the experience, as the natural weather conditions finally made this feasible. It was somewhat of a different atmosphere, prior to the volatile weather changes. The tough exercise was a struggle until the accomplishment started to reveal the true purpose of adventuring throughout the mountains. As we descended, the pressure on the legs let up. We reached the base of the mountain quickly. By this time, we switched our intention to have a quick lunch, prior to loading up the bus, on our three-hour journey back to Cuzco.