Location: Cuzco

We woke up with conflicted emotions. It was our last day in Cusco, and none of us were eager to say to goodbye to the moms and children living in Casa Mantay. However, all of us wanted to make the most of our last minutes with them. We arrived thinking that we were going to spend most of our time painting the railing as the other group didn’t do a great job. Luckily, we only had to paint for an hour, meaning we could spend the rest of the time interacting with the moms and the adorable kids. We hung out with the kids on the trampoline, pushed them on swings, played volleyball, and tickled them just to see their unforgettable smiles. At lunch, Liv gossiped in perfect Spanish with some of the moms, mainly about who they thought was the most handsome in the group, and somehow Johnny won the title. Everybody was devastated when it was time to go. Some kids were asking us when we were coming back, all of us were contemplating whether we should steal the kids, and we were all tearing up a little bit. After we returned to the hostel, we gathered around the fire and were surprised with pizza, garlic bread, and marshmallows. Later, we finished the night off with a game of Werewolf.