Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

We started the day by waking up pretty early, eating breakfast underway, and sailing back over to Spanish Town. Today, Elliot went with the Rebuilding Island Life students, and the rest of the staff went with all of the other students who are on Preserving Paradise. The Rebuilding Island Life group went to a different school than yesterday and put up a playground structure, and dug out a sand pit during the pouring rain. As a Preserving Paradise student, I got to go to Copper Mine National Park to climb the rocks, see the site, and pick up trash. About twenty minutes after we started picking up trash on the beach it started pouring, but we were having lots of fun and kept going. BZ taught us about the seven different types of plastic before we walked back. I had a very fun ride in the dingy back to the boat with Gwen, Rocco, other people from Two Ghosts and David, who was driving. The rain started coming down hard, and we all decided to get down in the dingy and put to chiclets over our heads as rain protection (that did not work). After the Coppermine, we moved the boats into Spanish Town harbor. At the dock, we met up with the Rebuilding Island life people who had been waiting for a while in the rain. Then we got our phones and money and had shore time for an hour and a half. There were two restaurants that people went to have lunch at, and most people went to get ice cream after. Then we sailed over to The Baths and did a wet landing to get onto the beach where we climbed up to a rock that we jumped off of. We then went on a walk to get to Devils Bay to get picked up by the dingy’s. Once everyone was on the boat we talked about taking Hibiclens showers, hanging up wet stuff (there was a lot of it cause of all the rain), and the plan for when we got back to Savannah Bay. Most people took their showers, and some people got started on making dinner while we were underway. After we got anchored, there was lots of cleaning and hanging stuff up that happened. We then ate dinner which was beef stroganoff. A big cleanup started after dinner because today was boat cleaning day.