Location: Thailand

This morning, waking up with 16 girls in one room, was quite the experience. Here at the New Life Project we are sleeping dorm style above one of the main meeting rooms for all of the students that live here. It’s a bit like the kids that live at the project, which provides an interesting perspective. We all took showers and then met the boys, who slept in a separate house, for breakfast at 8. For breakfast, we had noodles and chicken, which was their version of spaghetti. There was also french fries, cereal, hot dogs, fruit and orange juice. Eating in a different country can take some getting used to. After the strangest breakfast I’ve ever had we headed to the rice fields to plant some young rice! This involved getting knee deep in mud and dividing up big bunches of rice plants in an even way throughout the field. At first everyone was working hard until mud started to fly all over the place, and next thing you know everyone was covered in it. We all jumped in a water hole to get all the “muddiness” off of us. When we got out we were offered ice cream that was coconut and had lod chong (green sweet noodles that look like worms). It was delicious and refreshing! Then we headed back for lunch where we ate white rice with pork, soup, and mango. After lunch we took a 30 minute drive on a school bus-like thing on the bed of a pickup truck to Nam Ka River where we swam and played games with the kids of the New Life Project.

I got a snow cone from across the street at a little convenience store. Snow cones seem to be a popular hit for the kids of Thailand. Even though it was raining almost all day, we still managed to have a great morning and afternoon with the kids. When we came back to the Kanchanaburi New Life Project, we all showered and got cleaned up for dinner. Before dinner we decided to come up with two dances to perform for the kids since we knew they were preforming one for us. We perfected our dances that we made up to the songs “Call Me Maybe” and “Single Ladies:” Then, for dinner we had fried rice with shrimp, soup, corn, sticky rice with pork and dragon fruit. Coming to Thailand I was a little bit skeptical about the food here, but after having delicious food, I can say it’s been really good so far! After dinner, the new life kids preformed the dance and had a fashion show. Then it was our turn to show them what we got. They loved our dances and after both dances we had a dance party and played fun Thai games with the kids! The kids here are always happy and smiling even though they have been through so much. It’s hard to imagine what some of them have been through. It’s only been two days, and I feel like I’ve know them forever! The kids here have lights out at 9 so we decided to do the same! Wake up call at 5 tomorrow to exercise with the kids and then take them off to school!! Shout out to my family, love you all and miss you. XOXOXO