Location: Kanchanaburi

To start the day we all woke up at 5:30 am to exercise with the children of the new life project. The exercises were mostly jumping jacks and stretches, but all of us were exhausted. After, we split up into groups and went to the children’s school to teach them English. My group taught second graders. I was surprised that the second graders already knew their numbers and how to introduce themselves. We taught them English songs and the names of different animals. By the end of the lesson, I had to draw about twenty animals because each kid wanted my signature and a drawing from me. I now have a new respect for teachers, since I’ve learned that second graders can be a hand full sometimes… For the second part of the day, I spent it in a room with Denver, Claudia, Katherine, Hanna, and Marijka. We spent hours putting on pounds of makeup (AND A LOT OF BABY POWDER) and traditional Thai clothing for the night. Even though we spent hours getting ready, and wore painful gold headpieces, it was worth wearing clothes for everyone to see. We came walking out with people playing drums, taking pictures of children and us wanting hugs and kisses. I’ve enjoyed staying in Kanchanaburi, every moment here is filled with smiles, happiness, and dancing.