Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today we all set sail from the docks we arrived at last night. Surya and Elle both got up early enough in the morning to see the sunrise, too early if you ask me. We, unfortunately, had to say goodbye to Willow during the morning. We will all miss her over the rest of our trip. After that, we all left the dock for the Bight. The trip over was a bit of a bumpy ride which turned out to be surprisingly fun. The deck of the boat kept getting hit by giant waves getting everyone drenched, but Griffin and Lily most of all. Liam timed his sitting jumps to the level changes, shooting himself up. When we made it to the Bight, we stopped to eat lunch, some truly delectable sandwiches. I am very well versed in the art of sandwich making—only Morgan was able to match my skill. After lunch, we all started our swimming test. Anna S. and Hannah were some of the first to complete the two-lap challenge around the boat. One of the major highlights of the day was our Snorkeling trip. Morgan and Anna B. saw some of the more colorful fish on our excursion, so they truly earned their bragging rights. At night we all met to talk about the values of the group. Elle did a great job leading the group, and Avah and Shaila gave some of the most insightful ideas. I’m writing this before bed, but I’ll just go ahead and hope everyone slept well.