Location: Spanish Town

Today Surya, Avah, Shaila, and I were awakened by Sweet Home Alabama very early in the morning. We had scrambled eggs for breakfast that Liam and Hannah made that were delicious. After that, we quickly changed and got ready to go hiking. During the hike, Elle took a tumble, but she survived. When we made it to the top, there was an incredible view of the water and mountains. Although it was difficult to get to the top without tripping, the view was worth it. We did some self-reflecting at the top of the mountain, which was really nice. Lily, Griffin, Morgan, and Chris took many pictures on the rocks. We made our way back down to the dingy, and it was very rewarding. Thankfully the hike down didn’t feel as long as the hike up did. When we got back to the boat, we all relaxed on the boat as Anna B. had her usual apple. We had very delicious sandwiches for lunch as well as lemonade. Once we arrived at our final stop of the day, we went for a swim and took showers in the water. We all did dives and jumps into the water, which was really fun. We are now going to watch a documentary about coral reefs!