Location: Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda

Me, Surya, Avah, and Anna S. woke up to the Spongebob Squarepants theme song at 7 am. We got up and put away our sheets and pillows before having oatmeal and really badly cut pineapple (thanks, Lily) for breakfast. We got ready for our day of service at a local school and hopped in the dingy. Once we got there, we hung out for a while and waited for the rest of the crew to come. While loading tools into the pickup truck parked outside, we had a very interesting conversation about live-action Disney princess movies. We walked to the school and, after looking at turtles and using the swing, got to work. Julie, the volunteer coordinator we work with, assigned us to clear out a giant pile of dirt, leaves, branches, and MANY bugs. Elle even got a tarantula on her shovel. At the end of the workday, it was cool to look back on the work that we did, even though we were literally covered in dirt. On the way back, we were so tired that 8 of us piled into the back of Julie’s pickup truck. Although painful, we had many laughs and enjoyed our ride back.

Once back at the boat, we put our swimsuits on and took ocean showers (probably the best ones we’ve had so far because we were so dirty). While in the water, Liam, Annie, and Chris attempted pull-ups while hanging on to the back of the boat, and Anna B. tried backflips off the dingy (which I have yet to try but want to soon). After getting dry, I hung out on the boat trampoline with everyone until dinner (chili and rice prepared lovingly by Surya and Lily). During dinner, Kris had the idea to try Jamaican fire peppers. Morgan, Griffin, and Hannah stepped up and tried them. Somehow, Hannah didn’t show any emotion, but Morgan and Griffin were really struggling. We then did our evening squeeze and now are hanging out in the salon and listening to music before bed.

Miss you everyone at home, especially Pogo!!! Goodnight!