Location: Townsville

Today we had an early start as we traveled from the Whitsunday Islands to Townsville. We took a scenic route through different sugarcane fields on a bus for about 4 hours. When we finally arrived at the hostel, we left our things and walked over to Reef HQ, an aquarium in Townsville. In the aquarium, we had special access to some behind the scenes attractions such as the turtle hospital and a touch tank with sea stars and sea cucumber. In the aquarium, they taught us all about how plastic is one of the main causes of turtle deaths. After enjoying the different sites at the aquarium, we took a long stroll on the beach and found a pretty cool exercise site. Everyone was so entertained; Charlotte, Samara and I enjoyed the different exercises. After the long stroll, we enjoyed some quesadillas and guacamole that Harry and I cooked in the kitchen at the hostel. It has been a really fun trip since the beginning, and I cannot believe we are already on day 10.