Location: Beijing

Today we were woken up ten minutes before our train arrived in Beijing, although some of us had already been awake for hours. We sheepishly hobbled off the train and entered our familiar tan bus. After a wonderful cereal and packaged milk breakfast, we went back to the hotel and partook in a well-needed nap. After begging for dumplings in nights past, we finally received our wish! With bags of dirty laundry, but refreshed minds in hand, we headed to the “famous dumpling place” and ate some delicious food. Next, we headed to the hospital after not seeing the kids for three days. The ride was filled with singing and other attempts at rapping. Once we reached the hospital, I got to hang out with the babies. It will never get old and less rewarding to see the babies smile time after time. We headed back to the bus where some of us decided to test our Chinese language skills over and over… We finally reached home base where we had a great meal but an even greater talk afterward. It was a widely popular opinion that what we are doing here will not only have an impact on the children we are meeting but on communities and ourselves as a whole.