Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today the morning was nice and relaxed. We got a slight sleep in as BZ started to motor towards West End to get reloaded with water and food. Last night we ran out of water completely, so it was great to wake up and brush my teeth with fresh water. For breakfast, we were given shore time to go out to a restaurant called Omars. The portions were huge, and it was my first time having a smoothie in around two weeks. After breakfast, we had a quick motor over to Road Town and got prepared to go mangroving. We all got separated into two groups to go to different sites. The site I went to was quite smelly, although it was an awesome experience to see the progress of the mangroves growing over the past years and sessions. Once all the data was collected, we headed back to the boat for another sail to Peter Island. For lunch, we had our typical sandwiches, and then we headed out on dinghies to search for lionfish. Surprisingly once we hopped into the water, we saw a lionfish right underneath us. After snorkeling for a little longer, we headed back for my favorite dinner. (Mexican night)