Location: Great Harbor, Jost van Dyke

This morning started off slow with a 7:40 wake up and the subtle sounds of Muskmelon Bay. Rolling out of bed with sore muscles from yesterday’s water-sports, we prepared for the busy day ahead. To debut, an early sail to Monkey Point welcomed by smooth waters and the warm breeze. Anchoring in the shallow waters, we hopped into dinghies with our snorkel gear. For about an hour, teams of 6 and 10 took turns power snorkeling in search of turtles to tag. After no sightings, we regrouped aboard Anamacara to try our luck again after several pots of Ramen and sailing to Brewers Bay. While we left the Bay yet again empty-handed, sightings of stingrays, jellyfish, and colorful schools of fish-filled our time snorkeling. With the wind at our backs, we headed to Great Harbour in Jost van Dyke–the third most populous island in the BVI.

Along with the other boat, we arrived ashore to learn the ins and outs of monitoring seagrass, which entails observations and data collection. A short period of shore time afterward allowed us to explore the small shops and restaurants of Great Harbour’s “Yot Klub.” Tonight’s events include a beautiful sunset, seagrass presentation, Thanksgiving dinner, and possibly a dance-off with Ewak, (We all know who’s coming out on top).