Location: Cusco, Peru

Today started exciting and fun. Today was another day for us to explore Cusco. Coach Rowan and Travis paired us up in three groups and let us loose in the streets of Cusco with unique missions. One group would get some exotic fruits, another would get cooking utensils, and the last group (Jonathan, Alberto, Charlie, and Eli) would get sandwich ingredients. With only an hour and a half, the sandwich crew had to get bread, avocado, cheese, turkey, and bacon. Thanks to our athletic abilities, we were able to execute the mission with thirty minutes to spare. When lunch started, the sandwich crew had to compose enough sandwiches for twelve people. We did not disappoint. Thanks to Charlie’s cooking skills, which he obtained from his momma Susan Binder, Eli’s amazing bread cutting skills, Alberto’s mind-boggling avocado/cheese cutting skills, and Jonathan’s stupendous bacon cooking skills, we were able to construct a mouth-watering, gourmet magazine worthy, piece of art that not even Bobby Flay could compete with. To burn off all the calories, the group decided to go to the local soccer court and play some futbol. After a while of playing, some local soccer team challenged the boys of the group (and Branwen) in an intense game of soccer. Starting, we had our doubts about winning, but with Jamie’s insanely awkward, yet effective goalie skills, we were able to stay in the game. To be honest, we were kicking some major Peruvian middle-aged butt. It was getting dark, so Coach Rowan decided that whoever would score the next goal wins. The feud went on for about ten minutes until Eli had possession of the ball. With his beyond amazing soccer skills, he brought the ball all the way up and passed it to Jonathan for yet another assist.

With an exciting victory, we said our farewells and headed to dinner. Alberto guided the group to a fantastic restaurant recommended by the hostel owner. The group ordered their food and chowed down. While waiting for dessert, Charlie had the superb idea to play a game where someone would spin a bottle and whoever it landed on had to perform a dare chosen by the other players. Amusingly, Manmeet was chosen by the bottle the majority of the time. After dessert, the gang headed back to the hostel to pack our bags and get ready to leave the next morning for our next adventure. Shout outs to the Decavel-Bueff and the Rangel family.