Location: Cusco

We started the day with the usual breakfast of eggs and bread, but had the surprise of cereal! It was a welcomed treat, and we were very excited that the milk didn’t come from a can! After we made our way to Casa Mantay. We had a very productive day. There we helped out in the kitchen, cleared the yard to make it flat, did some gardening and shoveled dirt into a truck. It was tiring work, and after lunch, we made it a goal to finish the work today so we would be able to have a relaxing day tomorrow. After a few more hours of back-breaking work, we reached our goal!

The girls were very pleased with what we did, and we even had time to play volleyball with them. It was an intense game with the ball flying over the fence, and into the house. Once the game was over, the girls thanked us by giving us bookmarks that they make in their store, which were beautiful and very well crafted. It was a bittersweet goodbye because all the girls were very sweet and their children were adorable, but we left feeling accomplished. The ride home was definitely an experience as most of us were pushed against the windows because the bus was overflowing, but even though it seemed like it had reached its maximum capacity, people kept piling into the overcrowded bus. We had a delicious dinner, but we were all exhausted after a long day, and right after dinner headed back to the hostel to sleep. We are all very pumped to sleep in tomorrow morning! Shout out to Sahar Brown and Sian Defren!