Location: The Galapagos

Hi readers!!! Today we arrived in the Galapagos after waking up at 4 am to catch our flight, we cried a lot. Especially Blake because Nora didn’t help him wake everyone up. After finally getting through 7 hours of customs we went snorkeling at midnight– just kidding! After a hike to the beach, we put on our fins and masks and swam with the fish, turtles and sea lions. YAY! Henry almost drowned when he had his first leg cramp, but luckily Rishi saved him from the terrifying turtles. After this traumatic event, we walked back to a different beach and relaxed in the beautiful Galapagos sun. We had a few scary experiences with the sea lions, but everyone was ok, and we got some good pictures. We ordered dinner for the group and failed miserably. The ordering took just as long as the food, so we were waiting for a while. After dinner, we came back to the hostel and set up a game of Mafia. After finally getting chosen as the angel, Sadie got killed on the first round and was sad for the rest of the night. The game finished and everyone was exhausted and went to sleep almost immediately. Overall everybody is having a wonderful time and collectively hates Blake and Nora. Just kidding we are super cool! We’re tired and worked hard on this blog. I know you enjoyed it. Goodnight everyone!