Location: San Cristobal, The Galapagos

Today was our first day of community service. We woke up at 7 and started our day off with some greenhouse farming, and cutting down invasive species with machetes. The work we did proved to be significant to the people of the Galapagos. We improved the turtle sanctuary and helped the owner of the greenhouse who was short of employees. While cutting down the invasive species in the turtle sanctuary, we had to be careful of the Poison Apple Tree, which causes a rash and blisters. Unfortunately while hard at work, many of us touched the tree accidentally but were all okay. We ended our day of exhausting work by going to the beach and relaxing. After the beach, we went to dinner and ate the “best pizza in the Galapagos.” Although the pizzas were huge and delicious many of us did not come close to finishing them. We finished off the night by reflecting on our day and going over the highs and lows of the day. We had discussions about values and life and had time to open up. After a long day, are off to bed to rest for our next service work day tomorrow.