Location: Bangkok

Sawasdee kaa! These are the first words you hear when you meet someone in Thailand, meaning “hello” or “good day,” they are usually accompanied by the hands put in a sort of prayer position in front of the chest and a dip of the head, a sign of respect. Despite the fact that most of the group arrived quite late last night into the international airport in Bangkok, we were still welcomed with the traditional and polite greeting wherever we went. Our group is all happy to be here, and after the ride through Bangkok traffic (even at 3 am!) we all settled into our comfy beds at the hotel to get some much-needed sleep. This morning we will have to have our introductions to the Lifeworks program and with the Duang Prateep Foundation, the organization we will be working with over the next three days. We will then head into the Samutsongkram province, about an hour and a half outside of the city, with a group of local Thai teenagers from the Klong Toey neighborhood where the DPF works. During this time we will get a great introduction to the culture of Thailand and the lives of Thai teenagers, learning a bit what life would be like if we had grown up in Thailand. Look for some more blog posts once we return from our weekend trip on Sunday night!