Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we woke up at 7 am so we could enjoy shore time and breakfast out. We went to a French grocery store and a coffee shop near where we were docked in Road Town. Afterward, 14 students and staff piled into a taxi to go to a museum on BVI culture and history. Once there, we received a tour where we saw a model home and sugar cane grinder. Later in our tour, we went to the museum’s garden to see plants and learn about their medicinal purposes. We saw a guava plant, a cinnamon tree, a bush used to help stop bed-wetting, and much more. Once the garden tour wrapped up, we tried some delicious sugar cane and gooseberry juice. We then thanked the tour guides and continued on our day’s journey. Next, we briefly sailed to Great Harbor on Peter Island and ate chunky mac and cheese. After our questionable lunch, we cleaned the boat for our future guests. Those guests were VISAR (an organization that does search and rescue in the BVI) volunteers in training who we were instructed to create a fake rescue scenario for. Then, we further prepared for the chaos that would soon ensue by assigning roles for the rescue scenario. In the scenario, our boat had hit a coral reef and was flooding.

Kris was to be pretending to have gone to fix the boat and have fallen and hit his head, and Riley was pretending to have slipped on the stairs and broken his leg with his bone sticking out. Elle and Chris pretended to be Kris’s distraught children, while Morgan pretended to be Riley’s twin brother. Griffin’s job was to get in the way of the rescue team by awkwardly staring at them, while Lily also got in their way by obnoxiously vlogging the whole time. Avah was instructed to make dinner and refused to turn off the burner as the ship fake sank. Hannah was a sobbing widow, and Anna S. was her child. Surya was Kris’s long-lost child who insisted on seeing her dad live so she could reveal her relation to him. Shaila went around the boat to share fake rumors about the situation, throwing the rescue team off and confusing everyone. I (Anna B.) was a hysterical passenger who was directed to scream excessively, a role in which I excelled. Lastly, Liam made the call to the rescue team to kick off the madness and begin the mayhem. Within ten minutes, the rescue team was here. Upon arrival, they fled to the scenes on the stairs and the bedroom and assisted the hurt passengers.

Meanwhile, screams rang out all across the boat, and distractions from the passengers tested the training rescuers’ skills. In the end, the VISAR volunteers were able to complete their rescue scenario. After, we all took our showers and played tag in the ocean. Later, we had breakfast for dinner, which included biscuits, pancakes, beans, bananas, and scrambled eggs. We all headed to bed early, around 10 pm, and said goodbye to our 3rd to last day. Also, good news, by the end of the day, we no longer had southern accents.

Hi Mom and Dad, I love you and can’t wait to see you and tell you all about my time here.