Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today was our second to last real day in the BVI, and everyone has started to realize how much time we have left together. We had a late start this morning, getting to sleep in until the ripe hour of 8:30! Everyone groggily went to the table to wait for breakfast. Elle and Hannah (and most of the boat) couldn’t wait for the French Toast to finish and decided to have some Guava yogurt instead. We ended up getting an ear full from Krisz because the one rule of meal time is that the chefs eat first. After the delicious French Toast with maple syrup, we started our sail to the Bight. For most of the sail, people were either reading or just talking with each other. Morgan and I both finished the books we were reading, which is a very satisfying feeling to have. Griffin spent most of the ride taking a long nap on the couch. Getting to the Bight was a strange and surreal feeling. Seeing the place we anchored at the beginning of the trip really made everyone realize how long this trip has been and how short it has felt. Soon we all sat down to eat lunch, which consisted of cheddar broccoli and sandwiches. Lily had the terrible idea to make a lettuce and cheese sandwich, which she claimed was the driest thing she had ever eaten. We all had an after-lunch swim where Liam showed up the rest of the boat with his diving skills.

Surya and Anna S. both took some goggles and started snorkeling, and soon enough, most of the boat also joined in to look and the jellyfish and tarpon. After the swim, we had our service activity of the day. The plan was to count the amount of sick, dead, or healthy sea urchins to help monitor them. We all split into groups and got on our snorkeling gear. During the trip, Avah, Anna B., and Sheila saw a cuddle fish, and Griffin got a photo of it when it passed by. Hundreds of urchins were counted by the end of the activity. The time between counting urchins and dinner was spent showering and talking.

The group had a deep discussion about what we thought our spirit animals would be (people said I was a Panda). The counselors went to a meeting with the rest of the Action Quest/Go Beyond team, and they came back just in time to make it to dinner, which consisted of franks and rice and beans. After all the dishes from dinner were cleaned, we made our way to the top of the ship for boat confessions. Everyone had to reveal something to the group that they had kept secret for one reason or another. There were too many to list here, but the most surprising of all was Riley revealing that he was only 20 years off! His beard completely threw off everyone’s guesses. The oldest, anyone guessed, was 42. We then talked about our hiking plans for the next day and packed all of our bags so the ship would be ready to be turned in. Right now, we are writing little letters to everyone on the ship, including ourselves, and saying nice things. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to get to writing my letters right now.