Location: Orosi

Hello everyone!

So after another night with the indigenous people of Terraba, we woke up to another amazing traditional breakfast. We heard rumors of a hot spring in the area the night before, so we decided to go on an adventure to find it. We stopped along the way to ask the locals of hints of the possible location while going deeper into the country. We followed a dirt road that crossed a flowing river via several bridges. Despite our best efforts, we were not able to find the hot spring, but we still enjoyed some interesting views of the countryside.

We then got back on the original route that guided us up to Cerro de la Muerte which went up just over 10,000 feet. Once at the top, we were greeted by shockingly cold temperatures compared to where we came from. At the top, we ate at a little restaurant with a great view and that had hummingbirds flying/ eating at the windows. Once back on the road we finally arrived at the Valle de Orosi after a long 6 hours on the road. The hotel had a great view of the valley and the neighboring cities in the distance.

Thanks for tuning in!

Enrico C.