Location: San Jose

Today was our last full day in Costa Rica. 🙁 Everyone is sad to leave but also excited to return to the comfort of their home as well as get away from all the bugs here. We started the day off with either eggs and toast or pancakes; both were delicious. Then after packing we took the bus to visit the oldest church ruins in the country. Being 500 year old it was impressive that there was so many of the walls left. Then we took the bus to lunch where we had our very last meal of rice, beans, and chicken in Costa Rica. Then we walked to the souvenir shop to buy gifts for family and our last memories of Costa Rica. Then we drove to the hotel where we had some free time before dinner. For our last meal here we all had grilled chicken with a salad and mashed potatoes. We went back to our rooms for showers and packing. Some, who were craving a sweet treat to celebrate the 4th, ordered brownies a la mode to their hotel rooms! They were delicious and the perfect treat for the last day. Gail arrived at our hotel around 8:15, so we went down to give her any donations/hand-me-downs that we didn’t want anymore. We said goodbye and finished with some closing activities. Thanks for staying with us throughout this 2-week adventure of a lifetime! See you next time!

-Phildine and Maggie