Location: Baotou

The day started off with us shoving our way off the train after an overnight trip from Beijing back to Baotou, ready to start a day of service. We first headed to the hotel to get situated and then got breakfast at THE apartment (props to Esther for letting us have her awesome cereal from London), did some laundry, then went on our way to the orphanage. After a long trip without the kids, finally seeing them was refreshing, and we quickly went to the rooms we felt most comfortable in. As the rest of us played, as usual, Jake and Ella went to one of the rooms and found Jake singing “twinkle twinkle little star”. We had lunch at the orphanage, with some of us using the free time to experience some amazing mochi ice cream at a food truck outside the hotel. When we returned to service, the kids seemed in quite a grumpy mood so some of us played with them to make them feel better. Kohl was having a particularly fun time as a toddler clung to her hair. After service we had dinner at a Sichuan restaurant we had eaten at a few nights before, and got full off of meat skewers, fried rice, and sweet and sour pork. Goodnight!