Location: Beijing, Xi'an

We started the day with service work with the Dew Drops kids and the family kids. At this point, most of us have connected with a certain kid, and it is always great getting to see their face every day. I connected with one named Mung Bei, and we always play with the blocks and crawl around the playpen. Today, we practiced counting and reading in his favorite books. Even though the language barrier is tough, it is always great getting to teach the little Chinese I know to one who knows very little. Even if we are only with these kids for a few weeks, we can tell that teaching them anything will make a huge impact on their lives. After our last day of service for the week, we headed to our first trip to WuMart, which is like a very large Chinese Target. We got dinner and snacks to last us for the upcoming 15-hour train ride to Xi’an. Before we boarded, Keeley gave us a very informative lesson on how to use a squatty-potty, which ended up being the most helpful part of the day. When we finally got on the train, we spent the first few hours talking and bonding even more, before our 5-star meal of Cup of Noodles! The train had three beds on each wall with six beds in each “room.” Lucky for us, Seth serenaded us with Uptown Girls and Piano Man before we fell asleep. We all can’t wait for our first real day in Xi’an tomorrow!