Location: Beijing

Today started slightly differently than most days, as the bus to JingDu (the hospital) was filled with only girls. This is because the two boys were, unfortunately, feeling ill, so they stayed back. Although missing the boys, the girls spent the first half of the morning in the hospital volunteering with the Dew Drop and Family kids. For me, today was a special day because I got the opportunity to do Kangaroo Care with an 8 DAY old baby. Kangaroo Care is when people hold itty-bitty babies under their shirts to their chests, for skin to skin contact. This is supposed to be beneficial for kiddos, and it was also a lot of fun for me. It was so crazy that I was able to hold a tiny human that has only been on this earth for eight days. But anyway, after a fun day playing with the kids we headed off to do service at Roundabout, and Seth was able to join us. Roundabout is China’s version of Goodwill, so while we were there, we sorted clothes and games. As boring as this may sound, our group enjoyed ourselves; as Seth likes to remind us, “Girls just wanna have fun!” Our service day at Roundabout wound up including a pants war and putting together a “Frozen” puzzle. After our service at Roundabout we were treated to a great surprise, because last evening, while we were answering a group squeeze question, we all said that if we were back in the States that we would want to get pizza – so Ruth, Keeley, and Shaun bought us Dominos. Turns out Dominos in China is better than in the U.S., who would have thought?! Anyway, after a hard day of working, I am ready to get packing for tomorrow’s train trip to Xi’an!

Signing off from Beijing, China