Location: Beijing

Today our morning started with a delicious American style breakfast of yogurt and cereal. We boarded our bus at 7:30 am to head to Tiananmen Square, and after a long bus ride through Beijing traffic we finally made it to our destination. As we began to walk through the square, we noticed people were taking pictures of us and as a result of this, we decided to take random selfies with strangers. It was really funny to run up to different groups of people and take a picture with them! People seemed pretty weirded out that we were taking photos of them, but they were doing it to us too! After Tiananmen Square, we headed to the Forbidden City where we saw the beautiful grand palaces used by the Ming and Qing dynasties. Going to the Forbidden City was amazing. Fun fact: the Forbidden City was built in ONLY 14 years back in the 1400s, crazy right?! The architecture of each of the buildings was so intricate and beautiful. After we toured the Forbidden City, we went back to the hospital for service. Today I got to work with the family kids in the burn ward. Even though I don’t speak Mandarin, I was able to form a bond with the boys by making paper airplanes and coloring. It was so inspiring to work with kids who have been through a traumatic situation and make them feel happy. I have enjoyed our last few days here in China; I love how our group has gotten so close in such a short amount of time! BRB, TTYL, time to play a lit game of cards!! 🙂