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Location: Beijing

As we all awoke at 6:15am to the sunlight blazing through the windows, we were all excited to see we had bananas for the first time for breakfast. We left the house at 8:40 and I headed to the group home with Christabel, Madeline, Sarah, Hannah, Magdalena and Scarlet. Hannah gave us a plan for the kids. We were supposed to teach colors to the younger kids (3-4 year olds), teach rainbows to the middle kids (5-10) and interview the older kids about themselves (11-18). Knowing the group home we knew nothing would go as planned. As we arrived to the group home our doubt became reality and plans were thrown out the window. I who was part of the middle kids played with them outside and played inside monopoly. We spent about three and hours until we left at 11:45. We arrived to eat lunch prepared by the chefs of the day. We ate baked beans with hotdogs and bread. We left around 1:45pm to the 798 art district. There, we went shopping and bought a variety of things. As we explored through the little streets we came in contact with some amazing street art. We boarded the bus to head back home around 5:30 pm. We spent about thirty minutes in traffic until arriving home. As we arrived home we were confronted with the smell of rice, chicken, and mushrooms. As we all awaited for the food at the table we enjoyed each others company. We enjoyed the food and showers after. Tomorrow we are traveling to Xi’an and are taking the overnight train there. As we pack our bags for our two day trip away from Beijing we are excited to see what this trip brings.