Location: Beijing

Today we woke up to a beautiful blue Beijing sky, and after an exciting breakfast where we got to feast on eggs for the first time this trip, we went off to service. One group went to play with the babies, and the other went off to the group home. At the group home, we had an animal-themed day, where we taught them English words for animals. We also started a lovely rendition of Old McDonald had a farm, and created accessories out of pipe cleaner animals. After our exciting morning, we returned home for sandwiches and beef flavored chips. After a delicious lunch, we piled onto our bus for an adventure to the summer palace, where the emperor traveled to when the forbidden city was too hot. There we got to take out paddle boats, try peculiar ice cream, and have our picture taken with many locals. Afterward, we went straight to dinner where we were given the option to try a traditional Beijing Duck dinner. With our stomachs stuffed full, we returned to the apartment where in between drives to the warehouse for showers we got to use our phones for the first time in a bit. All in all, it was a great day in China. We are signing out from Beijing!