Location: West End, Tortola

The staff of Some Beez wrapped up an incredible summer with the end of the final session. Gwen, BZ, and I had a fantastic time the past 17 days working on some amazing projects and working with some awesome students. Watching Jessie leap after turtles in Anegada and finally catch one was awesome. The smile on her face was contagious. Victoria SJ thrived when we took out some students from Jost Van Dyke to experience mangrove monitoring and a fun beach day. Riley educated everyone with his knowledge of programming and got along with all. Nick kept the staff on their toes and was always curious and asking questions about everything we were doing, eager to learn as much as he could. George kept the staff and students in hysterics with his endless humor and was a natural leader. Talia’s kindness did not go unnoticed as she treated every project as an opportunity and all aboard with respect. Sam and Rachel’s work on the car at the Ciboney School was inspiring as the final product was amazing. Jeremy left every project with a smile on his face, happy with what he had done. Macey was a hard worker and even got to design and build doors for an electrical box at Valley Day School. During seagrass monitoring, Victoria P leads the charge of her group with great attention to detail and efficient work to get the best measurements possible. Julian went into went into each project with eagerness to do a good job. Jaden was a joy to have on board, he was respectful and was excited about every project we did no matter when or what it was. Julia was so nice to everyone and was easy to joke around with. She did a great job with the young Jost Van Dyke students and met challenges with a smile.

Thanks for an amazing summer!