Location: in a restaurant in a town I dunno how to spell......

Unlike Alberto and Jonathan’s last blog, which was comical, this blog is filled with adventure and danger. So this morning started normally with a nice breakfast. After the food, the crew bought plaster and headed to Lorda’s house to apply plaster to the bathroom. Once applied, we dug up the hole that contained the pipe for plumbing. After digging, we went to lunch and ate a delicious chicken with fries. After lunch, we headed back to Lorda’s house to participate in a shaman ritual. We then headed back to the hostel via hitchhiking a dump truck. After gathering some supplies at the hostel, we started an action-packed, fast-paced hike up a mountain.

We started looking for a way to get to the base of the mountain. We went through Eli’s shortcut which consisting of running through a field, away from dogs. A while later, we pass a small soccer field and some terraces. After some walking, we reach a small waterfall. While Charlie and Alberto take pictures of it, wild dogs came up close to the rest of the group, consisting of Eli, James B., and Jonathan. The dogs knew better than to mess with Alberto and Charlie, so they ran after the rest of the group. Eli and Jonathan immediately picked up sticks and yelled with all our force. Within seconds the dogs retreated.

Once we escaped, we trekked on until we reached a bridge where we could cross to the other side to begin our hike. We passed through a small village and reached the base of the mountain where we would begin our journey. There was no trail to follow, so the group made their path. Walking on the remains of a mud/rock slide, the band of brothers steadily made their way up the steep mountain face. When it was getting dark, we decided to head back. On the way back Eli encountered a cactus, but he bravely pulled it out. Since we only had 30 minutes to get back to the hostel, we decided to haul butt. We got to the bottom of the mountain and decided to follow the roads to the hostel. Thanks to our excellent direction instincts, we got back to the hostel just in time.

Tomorrow we head off on a four-day hike and won’t have an internet connection, but we’ll write to you when we get back!!