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Location: Ollantaytambo, Peru

Today we were able to sleep in because we didn’t have to leave until 9! Breakfast was the usual fruit and bread and some eggs. After a hearty breakfast we ventured to Lordeis house for another day of hard work. Some pick axed, others stacked adobe bricks and mixed mud to make as a plaster to stick bricks together. After a few hours we had lunch at the same spot as before. We had a nice treat of fish today! We were all very exhausted so we had a siesta for 20 minutes after lunch. Most of the boys weirdly had a surge or energy and played hacky sack, while Sorenna, Branwen, James, and Charlotte took a nap. After our siesta we went back to the house for another hour and a half of hard work. We were able to get the top layer of adobe brick on the bathroom walls!Tomorrow we will be putting on the roof! After we walked back to the hostel and then we had an hour and a half of free time before dinner. All of us were covered in mud so most took showers, and we were also able to go to the plaza. A lot of the boys searched for Nutella. Because they aren’t keen on sharing, but apparently all the stores have run out ! We had a delicious dinner of pizza and lemonade. We are all exhausted and have a strenuous day ahead of us tomorrow, so most of us turned in for an early night. Shout out to Sian Defren and Sahar Brown!