Location: Little Harbour, Jost van Dyke

Today was a very busy but rewarding day. We started the day off by waking up, eating breakfast, and then dinghying over to Cane Garden Bay. From there, we all took a bright pink taxi to our destination- the BVI Humane Society dog show. On the way, we saw ActionQuest kids hiking an extremely hard and tiring hike. Once we arrived at the dog show, there was much to be done. There were a few things set up, but it was nowhere close to finished. The GoBeyond team set to work right away, lifting up tents, carrying items over from a truck, folding pamphlets, and setting up various booths. As soon as we finished setting up, people (and dogs, of course) started to arrive! I had thought that as soon as people arrived, there would be less work to do, but it was the exact opposite. GoBeyond students were doing all kinds of tasks, from maintaining the bouncy house to selling lemonade to guests. One of the jobs I had during the dog show was selling baked goods and dog treats with two of my teammates.

I had a lot of fun doing so, and by the end of the day, we made a total of $730! Three hundred dollars went directly to the Humane Society, so it made me happy to know that the money we made went to a good cause. Overall, the thing I enjoyed most, besides watching all the dogs, was that even though the dog show was not a huge money-maker, the community came together to make a very fun and eventful day. After around 9 hours, we left the show and eventually got back to our boat to get ready for a barbecue with ActionQuest quickly! We took showers and then motored over quickly to Jost Van Dyke, the island where the gathering was at. Once we arrived, we had to re-anchor twice! The barbecue was fun, though, and the food was really good. People danced, shopped in the small boutiques, and got cornrows. We came back to the boat at around 10:30 and went right to bed.