Location: Sydney's, Jost van Dyke

We started the day with a simple breakfast consisting of cereal, which we had to eat with forks because we managed to lose the majority of our spoons. Once breakfast was cleaned up, we had about an hour to prepare for another day with our buddies. The dinghy soon arrived with our buddies and was ready to set sail to a nearby island for some snorkeling. On the sail over, we saw an island covered with frigate birds, and it turns out this was the highest population of this species of birds in the world. We anchored just around the corner from the frigate birds and got ready to finally go snorkeling. My buddy was especially excited to see a stoplight parrotfish. Everyone snorkeled for a bit more than an hour. We saw everything from the four-eyed butterfly fish to even the parrotfish my buddy so wanted to see. The boat all told stories about what we saw while snorkeling and then some of us took a nap (me included.) The second our buddies left, we had to start getting ready for the barbecue in just a few short hours. At the barbecue, Lifeworks and Action Quest both enjoyed chicken in a sweet barbecue sauce with lots of fruit on the side. Most people walked around the shops of Little Harbor, buying souvenirs for the people back home. I ended the night relaxing on the beach right next to the barbecue.

P.S. Hi Erin.