Location: Great Harbor, Jost van Dyke

After an early morning at 6:30 am, we had breakfast, nothing special, only oatmeal and cereal for today. We were all really tired this morning, but Snow Cat had set sail to meet the children with who we are going to spend two more days. During maybe, these 20 minutes travel we all fall in sleep. When we arrived at Great Harbor, we get into the dinghy to meet our buddy. With Luna Kahuna we had been divided into groups, and then we had a look around the island. It was very pretty, and they were a lot of fruits and trees that we had never seen in our life. After we were again all together and we start to play a game to learn the name of each other.

When we all had our buddy, we were back on our boat to go snorkeling. The children were very excited and funny. We saw many things in the ocean: sea stars, sea urchins, sea cucumber and seagrass. That was awesome! Then we were back on the boat to sail to Great Harbor and leave the children, but we are going to see them tomorrow. 

For the end of the day we had a great shower, dinner, fun but this time we had our shower with Luna Kahuna because they are out of the water. It was a beautiful BVI sailing day, and now we are waiting for the cake. Keep reading the blog to see more adventures from our international travel program for students.