Location: Trellis Bay, Tortola

It was a slow morning, starting with breakfast. We had somewhat cheesy eggs and cantaloupe, and the banana nut muffins did not make an appearance until a few hours into the morning after the eggs had settled and Snow Cat had set sail (they were very much worth the wait). But by noon, we reached the destination of Lee Bay, and Luna Kahuna rafted next to our boat. After a short lesson on the Lionfish, we got our snorkel gear on and loaded in the dinghies to motor over to the other side of the bay in search for the venomous fish. In a short period, we found and speared two, then took them back to the boat to dissect.

Everyone was very excited to get a few hours of shore time at Trellis Bay later on in the afternoon to get some lunch, get in touch with family and friends and resupply the stash of snacks. It was another quaint village with a beautiful view and a restful place to have an hour or two of downtime.

To finish off the day, all of the ActionQuest boats and the Lifeworks boats joined together for a Beach BBQ at Sommer’s Beach for cheeseburgers, veggie burgers, and hot dogs. It only lasted two hours, but it was a great way to wind down the day and get together with everyone at the start of our last week all together.