Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today, our “Fun Day” definitely lived up to its name. We were allowed to sleep in as much as possible, but inevitably still woke up to witness the vibrant sunrise. All the staff left the boat for a meeting on shore, while we jammed to loud music and made French toast (a little bit of a group effort). Eventually, we got on the move with the other boat to head to Musk Mellon Bay. It is a beautiful bay surrounded by small, mountainous islands that we had all to ourselves. There we gave water skiing, wakeboarding and knee boarding a try. Some were much better than others, but most everyone got up and had a fantastic time. We also went out on the smaller Pico sailboats. Makenzie and I gave it a try without too much prior sailing experience and got the chance to learn how to handle the sailboat all by ourselves (admittedly, we did flip twice and got a little banged up). We laughed and smiled the whole time, though. When not playing in the sailboats or doing water sports, we hung out on the boat and swam or suntanned alongside all the other Lifeworks kids. I got to experience the best snorkeling I have ever witnessed on the reef next to our boat. We saw an abundance of colorful, interesting fish and stingrays that swam with and surrounded us. We dove to collect sand dollars and shells from the ocean floor. After another entrancing sunset, we settled down after a long day in the sun to eat Chili and talk about the day’s events. Rejuvenated by a perfect, relaxing day, we excitedly await the rest of the trip.

P.S. Sam is the best.