Location: Anegada

We woke up at 7:00 am, and we arrived on shore at 8:00 am to paint the fence of a small but really important church. We were also helped from some kids of the neighborhood. After we painted, we were given, by the church, some amazing sandwiches after the hard work. We then came back to our boat with our new fresh laundry! After we raised the anchor, we got out of the anchorage and raised sails for a great sail to Marina Cay. It was a long sail, so everyone could sleep until we got to the dock. When we arrived there, we were able to full up our water tanks, and everyone had the possibility of taking a fresh shower with some anti-bacterial to help prevent us from getting any skin infections. When we arrived, we cooked some excellent tortellini, and after the dinner, we met up with the other ActionQuest people to hear a tape about a reflective speech by Jim Tuman and the most important thing he wanted to say is that we can’t take anything for granted. After the speech, we returned to the boat tired and ready for bed. We got new and clean sheets and hung up our hammocks and went to bed.