Location: The Bight, Norman Island

The day began early with moving to a new destination to start searching for turtles. As we rolled over the waves, all the past days came to mind, and I realized that the trip with these strangers that became friends is coming to an end. Helping the chefs with an early breakfast, we created another delicious meal of oatmeal, cereal, and cinnamon coffee cake. We rushed the clean-up to start manta tow turtling and being pulled through the clear water. As I was pulled on the back of the tow rope (while freaking out a little), we swam over a healthy reef. I saw a couple of stingrays, sea stars, sand dollars, and a huge barracuda. But no turtles in sight! We returned back to the boat as the other group left for their search. The boat was quiet as we sat around talking and staring at the water with eager eyes because the heat was making us want to swim. After we made an interesting lunch consisting of quesadillas, grilled cheese, ramen, and brownies (not the best mixed but…), we were given a chance to swim. I was able to do a flip off the dinghy and learn to dive. Next, we had a fun last sail around Peter and Norman Islands. Under way, we put tinsel in each other’s hair and painted everyone’s faces. As the sail began, the wind brushed across my face but later disappeared halfway towards the Bight, where we would be spending the night. Once we got to the Bight on Norman Island, we showered, and I realized that my hair was becoming a whole knot. As dinner was being made, a storm started to come overhead. The storm stayed through dinner and clean-up, but later it kicked it up a notch. As we went through the squeeze, the thunder interrupted our stories, and as the final clap was made, thunder roared at the perfect time. Lastly, our “dog sitters” introduced the evening program, and we ended our second-to-last night by writing kind notecards to everyone onboard.

Xoxo #fire (4)