Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today I woke up to the smell of pancakes cooking and an aching back from sleeping on the coach. It was a rough night due to the cool breezes that never stopped. We were all on our own this morning because of a staff meeting on shore. However, we were very successful in cooking, cleaning and leaving the boat spotless for when they got back. After that, as my skipper duties, I lead us in sailing to Muskmelon Bay. On our way, we passed many cool islands including Iguana Island, which is known for a rock formation in the shape of an iguana head. Once we got here, we had a really fun day by just hanging out with the other boat and doing various activities including knee boarding, water skiing, wakeboarding, jumping off the boat, and sailing on Picos. Picos are so cool because it’s a two-person sailboat that involves a lot of balance, which is something Emily and I don’t have. We capsized two times but had the time of our lives and laughed non-stop. After all the razzmatazz we all got settled and ended with a movie night and brownies. This day is definitely in the books!