Location: Beijing, China

Today was all about learning something new and something old and finding the importance of maintaining the balance between the two of them. The babies were new to this world, so beautiful and unburdened and happy. Their beauty and smiles are truly inspiring. You could ask anyone on this trip, being the cause of the babies smile is one of the best feelings in the entire world. Knowing just for that moment, you are changing the world for that one child. Their smile becomes your smile. Experiencing the oldness of China, walking in Beijing at night is such an incredible experience. We got to see some of the old cultures of the women here in China. They danced with us in the streets of Beijing to the native music, with a freedom that we don’t seem to possess in the states.┬áIt was a moment of complete liberation, feeling no language barriers, just utter jubilation. Were free herein the streets of Beijing and having a blast. The people here are beautiful, every time you smile, they smile with us. Learning something new and something old was truly exhilarating today.

Signing off,