Location: Savannah Bay

Good evening everybody! Today we woke up very early in the morning to go on a hike up a mountain; it was very intense! We were going up at practically an 80-degree angle, and several people practically fell, but it was all okay! The hike was extremely rewarding as once we arrived at the top, the view was amazing! Best view in the history of views, plus were standing where scary pirates had stood centuries before us, so that was cool. Then we arrived back to the boat and had a 2nd breakfast (we had practically 20 meals today, and the food was delicious). Finally, we left on our way to Virgin Gorda! I, Delphine F., got to steer the boat the whole way, which was practically 6 hours! My arms hurt however at least I will become buff! The sailing was great, very windy, so we reached 8.7 knots. Wow! Everyone also saw a turtle which was very interesting. Finally, we arrived at the harbor, ate and now everyone is dancing to music and singing along to a Frozen (amazing Disney movie) song, waiting for cookies. Thank you for reading this blog and have a great day!