Location: Savannah Bay

 Dear Fans of the Blog,

  Today is day three of our wicked awesome trip and it started by waking up at the lovely hour of 6:45 am. We got underway quite quickly to get out of the tricky Savannah Bay area. Savannah Bay looks like it is smooth sailing all the way, but that is for the amateur sailors, not us though! The bay has hidden reefs in it, so it is tricky to maneuver around them, but we made do. We sailed over to Virgin Gorda to play with the children in a school there. When we arrived on shore and took a nice shuttle to the school, we were greeted by a small bunch of girls waiting at the gates smiling and waving. Little did we all know that the school is MUCH bigger than those seven girls. We walked into a classroom grades 1-5 and afterward, we all held hands and walked onto a big soccer field where everyone started playing games. What started as very organized groups playing games turned into a whirlwind of soccer balls, Frisbees, face paint and jump ropes. I had never seen someone play three different games at once until today when I learned a double Dutch, double Frisbee football game. All the kids were so excited to play that there was never a moment without a huge smile on their faces, whether they are painted as a lion, tiger or bear (oh my!). I was so sad to leave them all because you could tell that they didn’t want us to leave, ever. Surprisingly, all the time with them ended so quickly but it was only 12 pm! We went back to the boats and got our money to go into town to a restaurant to eat and do some shopping for chocolate and junk food at the market. On a more shocking note, we also all got our phones back and texted home and found out that Orange is the New Black got canceled (I’m sorry John Michael L). To be honest, a lot of us didn’t want our technology besides getting to tell everyone at home that we love them and miss them. Later after we all settled back into the boat, we sailed to the Baths which has some super cool rocks. We had to swim onto shore but to put the picture in your mind, we had to swim with shoes and swim shirts in clear water with rocks, reefs, and fish and we swim against the waves. To say the least, we were so happy to reach the shore. The baths is the equivalent of rock climbing along a beach. It’s a bunch of huge rocks along the shore that you crawl, climb and swim through the rock tunnels taking in the beauty; taking a bunch of photos too. Personally at the end the two Lifeworks groups got together on our dinghies (small little boats with motors) and did back-flips off of them, swam and overall had a great time. Our dingy though is sorta small so Kenzie, Lauren (me), Salome and David stayed behind for the second trip and played king of the rock on a small rock poking over the water. It was one of my favorite memories. Overall I think the group is getting way closer to each other and there is a lot more joking because we would stay in a pack at the Baths and always take photos with the whole group. Personally, another bonding moment was when I was skippering and Elliot, David and I all started talking in Russian accents and giving the order to anchor and drive the boat in them. Surprisingly our Russian accents are better than you would think. We definitely are going from a group dynamic to a family dynamic quickly, probably because of our group Macarena parties.   This is Lauren Archer live from Savannah Bay and Stay Classy America (and France)!