Location: Savannah Bay

Hello friends and family! Today we woke up around 6:45 and immediately motored to Spanish Town. We hopped in a taxi and rode up to the copper mines, where there were beautiful rocks to climb on and explore. After that adventure, we started on our real project of the day: cleaning up the trash and plastic from the shore. We cleaned up loads of trash from the sand and roadway. Then we talked about plastics and the copper mines. We spent hours cleaning up the environment and walked to a cute little putt-putt course for our hearty lunch of PB&J’s and Pringles! We spent a while there hanging out and bonding with the other Lifeworks boat, as well as our own. Finally, after maybe two hours, we got to go back to the boat. I got to drive the boat back over to where we were anchoring for the night, which was pretty cool. Both the Lifeworks boats got rafted together so we could eat dinner together. We got our swimsuits on and went to a small beach to swim and hang out in the water. It was so fun to have some time to relax. As the night got later, we jammed to some throw-back boy band songs and made some veggie burgers to have a mega-buffet with the Moko Jumbie boat, which was delicious. It was an amazing day and truly rewarding to do something good to help the environment! Thank you for reading! Goodnight!