Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

I woke up to the rain, and we had a relaxing morning. Rafa and I hung out on the bow of the boat as the rest of the crew started to wake up. We all gathered for breakfast and had some delicious eggs and cranberry muffins. I had never had cranberry muffins before, but they were pretty awesome. We settled in after breakfast and got ready for a big hike. Everyone got their stuff together and prepared to load the dinghy. We began the hike, and it started out as pretty chill and normal. But then we took a turn and began to climb up rocks, which was at first a little nerve-wracking, but it paid off big time with a beautiful view at the top. Then we sat as we watched the view. We then discussed things that made us happy and words that described us. After discussing our words, we started to head back down. Once at the bottom, we realized that a majority of the crew had taken a wrong turn somewhere. So, we headed back to the boat and waited for them to regain their location and make their way home. Thankfully everyone found their way back. We hoisted the sail and ate sandwiches as we headed to Road Town, Tortola. After docking, we were able to learn about the Islands. It was extremely interesting to learn about the area we are in. Following our chat, we hung out and set sail again to Mountain point. During the sail, we had a sail chat to learn more about our transportation from island to island. While we sailed up, we had an amazing view of the islands that we had previously been looking at from afar, just this morning. When we arrived, we began to learn how to anchor. I am looking forward to doing it again soon. After finally getting the anchor down, we took our first Hibiclens shower. This was an interesting process, but we made it fun with some music. After our showers, we sat down for some pasta with Alfredo and hotdogs. I really enjoyed this meal. Later tonight, we are hanging out and getting ready for whatever tomorrow brings.