Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Although most of us intended to wake up at 6:30 for our hike, we were awoken to the sound of the graduation song blasting at precisely 5:18. Let me explain… As all of us were sleeping, somehow the graduation song, at full volume, was played over the speakers as a result of BZ’s phone connecting to the Bluetooth on the boat by itself. As for our second wake up call, we left the boat for our 7 o’clock hike.

Once we reached Norman Island, we began to go up to Spyglass mountain. As we approached the final stretch, or so we thought, Elliot instructed us to walk up the steep hill. Let’s just say we weren’t too happy. However, the best part was on the way down! A few of us fell (we’re all fine and scrape free) and finally got to the bottom.

After returning from our hike, we all joined in eating some eggs and muffins (the muffins were really good) before departing on our three-hour sail. I, as skipper, learned how to sail, then joined everyone else in napping for an hour and a half. Soon enough, we got off the boat, so we could pass up wood from a beach so we could use it tomorrow.

As for the rest of the night, we relaxed at the beach, came back to the boat, and had spaghetti carbonara and sausages. We will be going over data collection later tonight and getting ready for our busy today tomorrow!

*Live like Broom Broom