Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today, our day started off very early in the morning. We woke up at 6:00 am, ate some breakfast, and went straight to work. I drove the boat to Spanish Town on Virgin Gorda. Next, BZ drove us to the dock on the super dingy, and we went super fast (she’s a good driver though).

When we got to the dock, we all put our work shoes on and started walking to Valley Day School. As we were walking everyone was waving at us and saying thank you. On Virgin Gorda, and throughout much of the BVI, it’s customary to say hello and good morning/evening to everyone you pass by, whether you know them or not. A man was telling us how thankful he was for us because of our help (it was extremely heartwarming).

When we arrived at the school, Elliot told us all what to do. Olivia and I had the great pleasure to work with the one and only Nazz. We all worked very hard on our tasks, and some people even got to travel to different schools to meet the kids there and continue working.

Lunchtime came around, and a lot of people were feeling very tired, but we were blessed with a lot of pizza (like a LOT of pizza). After pizza, we all got back to work. I helped build a shed/greenhouse, which was quite the project. When the day was almost done, most people went and got ice cream from a small shop right next to the school.

As we were walking back to the boat, everyone realized how disgusting and smelly we were. We wanted to shower immediately, but unfortunately, we had to drive back to the little cove we stayed at night before. I drove the boat back and learned how to drop the anchors while driving. We finally were all able to shower, and it felt very nice to be clean. The food was prepared by our two amazing chefs Zoe and Sam. They made us rice and chili, which I have to say were pretty good. We then ended our night by learning to tie knots and cleaning all of our extremely messy cabins.

And remember, live like Brum Brum.