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As I gripped the sweaty hands of Carly and Cailey, who both were sitting beside me, I saw everyone’s nervous glances towards me, dreading what the possible squeeze question could be. Will it be deep? Will it be personal? Will it be funny? I could read the minds of everyone through the looks on their faces. Now you might be wondering, parents or whoever it is that is reading this little blog of ours, “What the heck is a squeeze?”. Well, it’s when everyone in the group sits down in a circle and is asked a question by the group leader(which is me). As I waited for everyone to quiet down, and for the last people to squeeze into the group, I cleared my throat, preparing to challenge everyone with a question. After everyone quieted down, I said: “What socially unacceptable thing would you like to make acceptable?” Here are some of the answers: farting whenever you want, telling a person your true feelings about them, eating your scabs, riding a lion to school and peeing wherever you want. The responses were fantastic. But what was the best part was the group experience. Everyone responded to each other’s responses with laughter, respect or agreement. The most memorable experience for me from this trip would be the experiences with everyone else.